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Monday, October 12, 2015

Scenes from our Weekend :: Picture Fail

I've certainly turned into the world's worst blogger in that I've stopped taking pics throughout the weekend.  I guess you could say I'm being more present and trying to enjoy every moment rather than get the perfect picture, but when it comes time to document, it's very boring.  I'll try to do better! 


I worked from home on Friday.  I was feeling super tired from the week/being 36 weeks pregnant.  This week I started swelling more so it was nice to be able to put my feet up for a bit!  I did manage to sneak away to Target with my mom during lunchtime and scored this super cute sweater!  Can't wait for temps to cool off so I can actually wear it.  Runs TTS. 

I also spied these really cute flats.  Clearly I love black and white!  I tried them on, but didn't go home with a pair since they did not have my size, however for $30 I recommend checking them out since the quality was outstanding!   They also come in a 4 inch pump versionJust note if you are ordering either pair online...the flats seem to run a 1/2 size large.  The pumps fit about 1/2 size small. 

It was a super uneventful rest of the day and evening.  We ordered pizza (bad Chelsea as I'm supposed to be watching my sodium) and watched Shark Tank and How to Get Away with Murder.  Exciting lives people! 


Saturday morning we were fairly lazy and made breakfast at home.  After getting ready we took Jack for a haircut (although Jason scared the lady so much by saying "don't cut too much" that it doesn't even look like he got one), Jason and I got flu shots and we drove thru Chickfila for lunch.  Told you...exciting lives we lead!  

After Jack's nap we took him over to my Mom and Step-Dad's house to spend the night.  He was so excited.  My mom setup the cutest nursery for him knowing that she would be keeping him more once Colin arrives.  Between his new room and a few many new toys she bought him, he was thrilled!  They live on a golf course so on one side of the house he can watch the "golf buggies" drive by and the other side, he can feed the ducks and turtles...little boy heaven!

Jason and I rested a bit and then got ready for dinner.  We went to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse near the Galleria and had an awesome meal.  They sat us in a smaller, cozy dining room and took great care of us.  We had steak, salad, crab mac & cheese and gooey pecan pie.  And then came home and pretty much crashed from our food coma! 

No pics = epic fail! 


Sunday we slept in until 9am!!!  No kiddo screaming "mama" at 7am!  It was lovely although I missed the little guy.  We had breakfast and coffee at home and then off for normal Sunday stuff - church, grocery store, laundry.  Jack was having a blast at Mimi and Papi's all day too.

After resting even more midday we finally went to get Jack in the afternoon, but ended up staying at my mom's house for dinner.  #spoiled

Before dinner Jack fell asleep on my big 'ole belly while watching Winnie the Pooh.  He hardly ever falls asleep with me anymore so I tried to soak in the extra snuggles.

After dinner we went back home, bathed both boys  - Jack and our chihuahua Tucker - no, not together - then settled in to watch the Season Premiere of The Walking Dead after putting Jack to bed!

Hope you have a happy week!  

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