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Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had another great weekend - one of our last being a family of three!  The weather in Houston was gorgeous and the temps finally dropped a bit.  It was nice to be able to spend some time outside!


Friday was a fun day at work.  Even though my staff spoiled me earlier in the week with a baby shower, they surprised me with gorgeous flowers for Boss's Day!  I only worked half a day, but was still able to wrap up all of the items on my maternity leave checklist!  I still plan to work another full week, however as you know, I'm paranoid that the baby will either come early or I'll be put on bed rest so I was anxious to wrap things up just in case.   It's a great feeling to know things are taken care of!

I left early so I could get a pre-baby hair color and trim!  I know it will be awhile before I'm thinking about getting my hair done so I covered the grays and got a significant cut.  A little shorter than I was actually thinking, but I know it will be appreciated once baby is here.

I came home to a fun package in the mail for Baby Colin from a sweet friend who is expecting just weeks apart from me.  

Jason picked up dinner on his way home and we got some much needed rest!


Saturday morning we headed to our favorite local nursery that was hosting "Pumpkin Palooza."  A special event that promised face painting, pumpkin painting, lots of photo ops and live music.  Mix all of that with the gorgeous weather and we had the best morning.  We even ran into Jack's best friend from school and her family.  Jack wasn't so interested in the face painting or pumpkin decorating, but we loved rocking on the swing and watching Jack dance to the music...and taking too many pictures too.  

We grabbed lunch on the way home and Jack grabbed a nap in the car.  We did some resting in the afternoon, Jason planted some flowers in the backyard and I made this for dinner


A Texans win {finally}, household chores and 25 breakfast tacos to be frozen...totally exhausting, but productive day.

We ended the day with dinner at Beck's for burgers.  I didn't want to cook, was craving a burger {I was good and just had a kids meal}, but the bonus is that the restaurant is on the water and has so many ducks walking around.  Jack LOVES it and we totally hit the jackpot and got to see a ton of ducklings running around.  Jack was in heaven!

Hope you have a wonderful week!  


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