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Monday, November 30, 2015

Colin Everett: One Month

Weight:  11.8 pounds

Clothes:  Mostly 3 months, some 0-3 month but these are getting small, Size 1 Diapers

Sleep:  Poor little Colin (and momma) has his days and nights mixed up.  He definitely sleeps more and is less fussy during the day.  A blessing and a curse sometimes.  It's nice to be able to get some things done during the day, however the nights are pretty miserable.  He is very gassy/colicky in the evenings, but we are hoping it will get better soon and he will settle more easily in the evenings and sleep for longer stretches. 

Schedule:  You are nursing about every three hours, love your evening baths around 8:30 p.m. and sleep better during the day.   I've tried putting you on the "Moms on Call" schedule.  Some days are better than others.  I struggle with wanting you to be on a schedule with not wanting to push you too soon and be tied to a strict schedule.  

Health:  You seem to be a healthy little big boy!  You are nursing great and gaining weight.  You scared me a bit and started getting congested around 3 weeks, but it seems to have gotten better.  You have clogged tear ducts that don't seem to bother you plus you love the warm wash clothes on your eyes several times a day.

Your biggest health concern is still the enlarged right kidney issue although it sure isn't slowing you down!  You had an ultrasound on your first day of life and we saw a specialist when you were two weeks old and are waiting to do a repeat ultrasound in 8 weeks for more answers.  You are already off the antibiotic you were you put on when you were born so that's a great sign!  We will just have to wait and pray that everything is okay!

Crying:  Colin has the loudest cry and did since the second they pulled him out of me.  All of the nurses and doctors in the OR during my c-section even seemed surprised by how loud and vocal he was within seconds of being introduced to the world.  On the operating table it gave me comfort that he was okay!

Feeding:  You are a great nurser and are currently just on breast milk.  Unlike your brother, you nurse super fast.  He would nurse for 15 minutes on each side and you are totally done in 15 minutes tops.  I often worry you aren't feeding long enough, but your weight gain tells me not to.  You will also take a bottle of expressed milk from someone else when mommy needs a break!

Likes:  You love baths, eating, being swaddled and being held or carried in the Solly Wrap.  You also love your Sleep Sheep white noise on the water sound.  You like being in your bouncer and swing, but just like your brother, the Nap Nanny is your favorite place to sleep. 

Dislikes:  Your infant seat, being in the car usually and the nighttime

Milestones:  Growing out of your newborn clothes and newborn diapers already!

Places You've Gone:  I've been pretty protective of him this first month as I was with Jack, but especially now since it's cold and flu season.  We've been hermit crabs for sure, but have ventured out to a few places like Target, grocery store and Beck's for lunch sitting on the patio. And of course you have visited the pediatrician a few times and another doctor. 

Visitors:  You've had a lot of visitors this month including your family members Mimi and Papi, Pops and KK, Grammy, Aunt Vicki, Nonnie and AJ, Aunt Nicole and tons our our friends including Ashley, Erin, Adrienne and Meagan. 

Postpartum:  It's hard not to compare this first month postpartum with my first month with Jack.  The weight has come off easier this time around.  Probably because I'm too busy to eat!  I'm not saying it's all off, but I've noticed a significant drop in weight, much faster, with little effort this time.  My mood has been all over the place which was pretty similar to last time.  I've been overwhelmed with balancing two kids and recovering from the c-section.  There are good days and bad days.  And getting sleep helps too so Jason steps in and gives me some sleep relief when I've hit a wall.  I know things will get easier and that I just need to hang on through these first few months. 

Life with Two:  I'm not going to sugar coat this's been hard.  I know some moms and families can do this with the greatest of ease, but it's been a challenge for us.  The constant juggle of two needy little ones and trying to give everyone equal time and your best is hard.  Jack is 2.5, still in diapers, starting to potty train, lots of "terrible two" tantrums, getting his two year molars in and has been sick so it's been no joke lately!  We just keep telling ourselves that it will get easier.

Special Memories this Month:
  • Being in the hospital with you during your first few days of life
  • Big Brother coming to meet you at the hospital
  • Your first Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Your first tub bath
  • Falling asleep when you got your heel pricked at your two week check-up
  • Our first family of four outing to Beck's for lunch and a long walk outside 
  • Our first Target outing
  • All of the sweet newborn snuggles and getting to know you
  • Kissing your's my favorite place to kiss you!

Dear Colin,

From the second you came out screaming, I've loved you.  You complete our little family and we can't wait to see your personality come out more.  I'm not sure who you look like yet, but you are the most beautiful baby doll I've ever seen.  We are going to have so much fun!  

...just as soon as you learn to sleep a bit more at night, ha!  

Love you always,

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  1. Chels! He's so cute and grown so much! I think he looks like your mini, by the way :) Hang in there, friend. Sleep is coming eventually!

  2. It's definitely no joke having two young kids. I've avoided potty training because I'm just not ready to deal with it, so I can't imagine throwing that on top of everything else. Just remember to do what you can, when you can. You're a great mama!



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