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Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Goals and November Goals Recap

I'm keeping the goals for this month super simple and attainable again so I can soak up the time I have on maternity leave and enjoy the holiday season.  My biggest goal which seems to be the theme of the entire year is to worry less about tasks like housework and laundry {and blogging evidently} and be more present with my family.   This is not easy for me since I'm always worried about "getting everything done"...I just have to remind myself that things will never, ever be done so we must enjoy the everyday moments and make lots of great memories for our kiddos!

December Goals:
  • Finish Christmas shopping by mid December so I can wrap and enjoy the holidays
  • Worry less about housework and spend more time soaking in the precious moments
  • Drive thru the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights as a family
  • Visit Santa
  • Donate toys for others/Adopt a family
  • Send out family Christmas cards


November Goals Update:
We survived the first month with Colin!  I'm calling this a win!
  • Adjust to life with a newborn! 
  • Write thank you notes to the many sweet family and friends showering us with love lately
  • Create, print and mail birth announcements - Finished this in December, but so happy with the outcome!
  • Spend some quality one-on-one time with Jack
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving - We had a great Thanksgiving at my mom's.  Loved it so much and was the perfect way to spend Colin's first.
  • Start planning Christmas gifts and decor - the earlier we've ever had everything decorated.  We had the lights done on the house before Thanksgiving and the indoor decorations up Thanksgiving weekend!

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