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Monday, December 21, 2015

When Sickness Strikes

 Hello!  I just wanted to do a quick check-in and say we are still alive and kicking! 

The month of December has been all about illness in our household.  Poor Jack developed an ear infection, strep throat and Hand, Foot & Mouth all at the same time the second week of December.  HF&M when you have a newborn is a nightmare...especially if you have OCD tendencies like me.  Let's just say, me and Lysol have been BFF this month!  During that time that Jack had the trifecta of toddler diseases I wasn't feeling great, but just chalked it up to being overly tired with a one month old and taking care of Jack.  I kept repeating "you're not getting sick, you're not getting sick" and taking extra vitamins. 

I finally couldn't take it anymore and ended up at the doctor's office myself with an upper respiratory infection and a round of antibiotics...which also meant a round of probiotics for me and Colin since I'm nursing and other techniques for keeping your milk supply up. 

I'm still nursing a cough, but am feeling much better.  Wish I could say the same for Jack.  He was doing better, but then several days after finishing his anitibiotic, he was back to being sick again so back to the doctor we went...last Friday right before 5pm.  His doctor's office was already closed for the day, but I was psycho mom and insisted he was seen before the weekend.  Turns out his strep was back!  So another round of medicine we go! 

I can't tell you how Jason and Colin have remained well as I'm knocking on wood.  I pray that Jack feels better by Christmas Eve so he can really enjoy church and all of the fun family events we have lined up.  We have still managed to work in some fun including a Tacky Sweater Enchilada Night, sleepovers at Mimi's house and lots of Christmas light drives - one night even in matching PJ's!

I hope you are enjoying your family and the Season.  I apologize for being the world's worst blogger right now.  Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this momma of two thing, the illnesses started and sent me into a tizzy.  I have one more month of maternity leave that I know is going to fly by!  Trying to savor what is left with hopefully healthy kiddos!

If I'm not on before January, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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