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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Colin Everett: Two Months

Weight: 14 pounds, 8 oz.
Length:  24.75 inches

Head Circumference:  15.5 inches

Clothes: 3 month and 6 month,  Size 2 Diapers

Sleep:  Takes short naps throughout the day and is sleeping at night 5-8 hours straight.  He usually goes down for the night between 10-10:30 and then sleeps through until around 5am or so.  He does a short feed and then goes back down for two hours. 

Schedule:  We still are not on a set schedule until I go back to work when he's 3 months.  He is eating every 3 hours or so and staying awake much longer during the day. 

Health:  Doing great! Colin checked out great at his 2 month appointment.  We also had a followup ultrasound and appointment with his pediatric urologist about his enlarged right kidney.  So far everything seems to be okay.  The right kidney is still larger than the left, but everything seems to be functioning properly.  We are scheduled to do another ultrasound in 6 months. 

Crying:  This has improved a great deal once you hit 6 weeks.  Don't get me wrong - you still have the loudest scream in town, but you seem to be doing much better.  We seemed to have found a great balance of gripe water and Gerber Soothe (probiotic) drops that are helping with your colic/gas/tummy issues. The spitting up is still out of control, but I'm hoping this will improve around 3-4 months. 

Feeding:  Nursing is still going great.  You are 100% breastfed at this point and doing great.  I've had a few supply issues when I was taking certain medications after being sick, but we are still going strong!

  • Being held and cuddling
  • Watching your brother
  • Rainforest Playmat

  • Tummy time
  • Evenings

Milestones:  The smiles and the coos have officially started this month!  You also slept through the night a few times which I greatly needed and appreciated!

Places You've Gone:  This month was big because you had your first visit to Nordstrom and your first ladies lunch!

Visitors:  You met Grandma Clem from Arkansas this month and we all welcomed Baby Cameron into the world.

Postpartum:  My body is bouncing back great.  My c-section incision is totally healed and looking great.  My weight is back to what it was this time last year a month before I got pregnant.  It's still not where I want to be, especially with my flabby stomach, but I'm happy with the progress so far especially since I haven't done any type of diet or exercise yet. 

Life with Two: Oh life with two...just when I thought I was getting the hang of things, your big brother (and me) got sick...really sick.  It was overwhelming for a new mom of two to deal with your big brother having an ear infection, strep and HF&M...trying to comfort him and keep you two apart for fear of you catching something was difficult, but we got through it and as I type this, you are healthy and did not catch anything, including my upper respiratory infection. 

Special Memories this Month:  
  • Your first Christmas
  • Playing Baby Jesus in our church Christmas Pageant at the Christmas Eve service
  • First Nordstrom trip
  • First ladies lunch
  • First time sleeping through the night

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