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Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday :: Tears, TV, Tunics, Tortoise & Transitions

I'm so happy to be back to blogging and back to my usual Five on Friday post!  I hope you have had a great week and are gearing up for a fun weekend.  


The big thing happening in my life lately is that I went back to work on Tuesday after a three month maternity leave.  I shed some tears the night before and Jack has been throwing tantrums each morning when I leave, but all in all it's been fine.  Since this is my second time doing this I know what to expect and know it will get easier.  Lots of pumping going on now...


Waking up at all hours of the night is so much more enjoyable when I have something fun to watch.  Luckily there are a handful of shows on right now that I'm loving including The Bachelor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules.  But hands down, my new favorite show is Telenovela with Eva Longoria!  Anyone else watching it?  It's so smart and hilarious.  


I'm late to the party on reporting this one to you during my blogging hiatus, but if you don't already own these two tunics, you should consider them as both are on sale and come in lots of colors. 

There is one for when I actually leave the house (Lush tunic) that I own in four {yes four} colors and one for lazy days at home and running errands (Old Navy) that I own in three colors! 

I'm 5'4'' and both cover my butt and crotch area with no problem.  The Lush Tunic fits TTS in my opinion.  I ordered my usual large.  The Old Navy Tunic runs TTS also, but I ordered it one size up (XL) for extra length so I could wear with leggings.  The arms are a bit long since I sized up, but I think it looks great and is so comfy.  If you are wanting this to look a little less sloppy and lounge-wearish, I would stick to your normal size. 


I am in desparate need of a new pair of sunnies.  My only requirement is that they are brown toroise shell since that looks best with my hair.  I looked the other day at Nordstrom but nothing I tried on seemed to fit the bill.  Well, that's not true...I found two pair that I just loved but both were WAY over my price range so I had to walk away.  Bye Chanel and Celine sunnies... 

I have it narrowed down to four pair online.  Does anyone have an opinion or own these?  It's so hard when you can't try on.  I'm curious how the new J. Crew sunnies are and if they are worth their price tag?!


We've been making lots of transitions lately.  Me going back to work.  Trying to get Jack potty trained.  Dealing with a second child.  One transition I've been dreading for some reason was getting Jack out of his crib and into a big boy bed.  I was worried my good sleeper would go away or he would get up and run amok at all hours of the night.  I'm so happy to report that so far it's been the most seamless transition.  We got him excited for his "Big Boy Boat Bed" as he calls it about one week before we made the switch and the rest is history! 

I will say that I attribute a lot of our success to adding bed-rails on both sides.  It makes him feel confined and safe which helps with both of my worries. 


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  1. And I just ordered that Lush tunic. Thanks! I figure sooner or later I am going to have to leave my new born hibernation and venture out in the world! Hope this return to work wasn't terrible. Hooray for big boy bed!! That one is so cool!

  2. Usual-quiet reader here. :) Do you mind sharing where you got that big boy bed? It's fantastic! Good luck as you continue your transition back to work. I'm sure all will go well!



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