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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Houston, the groom has landed!

Before I begin a much anticipated Groom's Cake post, Chelsea being the only reader with bated breath I suspect, perhaps I should enter stage right and make an introduction.

Cue Tarzan Audible, Enter GROOM....
Now that the dramatic entry and introduction is over, I stand before you the humble, yet very happy and blessed groom stalling while groping for words to describe a hunting, fishing or outdoor related cake.
Although I am an avid fisherman (depending on the day), hunter and outdoor enthusiast, I am going to take the road less travelled for my cake.
"Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit." If you know what that means, you are probably:
A. One of my buddies
B. A true Texan
C. A fan of Lonesome Dove or
D. All of the Above
So what does that mean? Quite simply it reads "A grape ripens in the presence of another grape." This epitomizes my feelings about my relationship with my soul mate and wife to be, my family and my pals. All of which I would make an epic journey on horseback from Montana to Texas for.
So how am I going to center my cake around this quote? Great question! One for which I do not have an answer to at the moment. I can tell you that my initial thought is to base it in part on the picture above - maybe incorporate the distressed wood sign and quote and kick it up a notch.
Alright, I'm sure you have grown tired of the ramblings of a mere groom to be, so I will close for now. "Catch" up with you soon...

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