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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Needing a Color Scheme...

But I just haven't figured it out yet. The four color palettes that I am thinking are blues, greens, cremes, and browns. I am off work and school for 3 whole weeks...yeah, yeah, there is that thing called the holidays thrown in there, but this next week is wedding planning time! I also have to do ALL of my Christmas shopping so it's going to be busy.

Mom and I have already looked at a few dresses; no winners yet. More tomorrow...we are also meeting with the venue to iron out details. Today we also looked at invitations and I think those will be chosen by the end of the week.

Here are photos that I love and are providing inspiration for what Jason and I want:

Have a great week everyone! I will be posting updates this week as they come up! Please send me pics of real weddings that used similar colors!!! Jason and Tucker say hi and have a great week too!

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