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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh, What to Wear?

I have had a very successful week off from work. Since I rarely have free time between work and school, Shelley (MOB) and I knew we needed to get everything squared away. After just a few stops, we found THE dress! We actually found three that I could not choose from-so I had to take pictures and sleep on it.
When I went back to the boutique the next day I was really stressed (the good kind of stress) because I was not any closer to making a decision. I kept going back and forth between all three.
I did as Shelley advised and tried on all three again, walked in them, stood flat-footed with them (not on the elevated box that makes everyone look taller and thinner) and sat in them. I wanted to make sure I chose a dress that was COMFORTABLE! I didn't want to be pulling and tugging or adjusting all night.

My other requirements:
-Something that I felt special in
-Limited beading and sequins
-Casual since it is an outdoor wedding, no church
-Something classic that will photograph well and look good for years to come
-A dress that will take Jason's breath away

Well, I found it! I feel 100% sure about my decision. It is ordered and I can't wait to put it on and marry Jason. I would post pics, but then, Jason will see!!! So you will just have to wait until May.
The same day that I found my dress, we also found Shelley's dress (it is dark brown and gorgeous), the MOH dress, and the flower girl dresses!

Upcoming posts this week:
-Wedding Diet
-The Great Ring Debate
-MOH Dress

Now for a pretty picture:

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