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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bling, Bling Bye-Bye

Guess what I picked up a few days ago? My wedding band!!! It comes with a good story too. I think Jason and I are bad luck to jewelers. Mom and I went to check on the progress of my custom band the other day when we were out running around. I was shocked to see a sign on the door and a locked up store. I immediately thought...OMG the store went bankrupt and they have my engagement ring!!!!!!

I ran to the sign and read that that particular location was closed for good, but there one and only other location was still open. Whew. I called them and then hopped in my car to quickly pick up my rings just in case their other location was next. I was literally nervous to see the wedding band. That is the problem with custom. You really don't know how it will turn out.

Lucky for Jason and I it looks amazing! It is exactly what I wanted and envisioned and bonus-Jason loves it too!

I wish I could show you a pic, but again, my camera is dead...RIP cute red camera. I will try and get mom to take a pic of it this week. For now, the ring above will have to work. It really does look somewhat similar to this.

On a related note, Jason and I received a letter last week saying that the place where we purchased my diamond is closing all of their Houston stores. The economy is really taking a toll on every industry!
I present to you our commitment symbols to each other: I think they look great together and are perfectly unique!!!

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