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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Peeling Bride

Well, almost! Last weekend, Jason and I went to Matagorda for a relaxing weekend before the wedding. It was pretty sentimental too since the last time we were there we got engaged! While down there we fished, took the new boat out, Jason water skied and I got WAY too much sun! Luckily I didn't peel, but I was a little scared.

We also got to celebrate mother's day with my amazing mom, Shelley! She is the most amazing mom in the world and my best friend. Our wedding next week would NOT be happening if it weren't for her. She is the best wedding planner ever!

See the burn? I was in pain!

Jason got to drive my parent's new boat!

At the spot where Jason proposed 6 months ago! I can't believe the wedding is almost here.

And what kind of weekend would it be without an animal sighting? Meet Sammie, the rat snake. Here scared me to death when we first met because he is HUGE, but then we learned that he lives underneath our house and is actually really tame. He likes to poke his head out from his hole to check on things, but then quickly goes under if you walk by. My mom wanted to "get rid of him" at first until we realized that he likes to eat rats, mice and even poisonous snakes. Go Sammie, go!

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