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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Great Wedding Band Debate - Update

After much debate and help from my friends and fellow bloggers, I decided to go with the custom wedding band for my engagement ring! J and I (and my MOH) went to the jeweler who made my e-ring to order the band. After some frustration, I feel good about it, but am VERY anxious to see the end result!!!!

We told the jeweler a teeny-tiny band with teeny-tiny diamonds that will wrap around the ring and sit lower than the ring does so you can still see the beautiful and unique detailing on the e-ring.

We will see what happens! The bad news is that we won't be able to see it until May 21...two days before the wedding AND I had to give them my engagement ring until then...I am ringless! It felt so weird that I am now wearing my old James Avery love knot that my mom gave me years ago. It will suffice!

Here is a refresher of what my ring looks like:

Here is an idea of what the band may look like (but mine shoud be much more thin and dainty):


  1. I got to pimp my bling about a month ago and had to cough up my engagement ring for a week!!! It was very sad and I also had to wear a replacement...But like me, I bet you'll be SO happy in the end!

    Things are coming together...It's been a lot of fun to follow your blog! :)

  2. Awesome! I would love to see your pics of your pimped out ring! I can't believe the wedding is almost here. Thanks for reading!



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