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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Honeymoon Journal: Day Five

On Day Five, Jason got the itch to golf. Puerto Vallarta has a course called Vista Vallarta that has a Nicholas course...did I spell that right? I am not a golfer, but I wanted to support my boy so I was the designated golf cart driver. It was great though because I was able to read and check out LOTS of lizards!

Lizards were everywhere! And what seemed to be different kinds too. When you would drive down the cart path, they would scurry every which way across the path! I was in heaven.

The view was not too shabby either...

A girl can pretend, can't she?

After golf, we went back to the resort and laid by the pool until dinnertime. We had another excursion that evening called Rhythms of the Night. It was a boat ride to an island for dinner on the beach and a show. The boat ride was awful! The water was very rough and I felt sick the entire time...but I didn't get sick at least!

And how we were welcomed!

We had a great time! The show was awesome! Boat ride home, not so good, but, more on that tomorrow.

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