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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Honeymoon Journal: Day Three

Day Three we were relaxed and ready for an excursion. Doing a canopy tour was a must on out honeymoon itinerary so off we went! It was a long, hot, miserable bus ride, but once we were there we were excited and ready to go!

Getting our gear on...

I was a little nervous at first...
But then off we went:

And we were pros!

After the tour, there was an animal area where you could feed monkeys and an iguana!

Both a monkey and the iguana peed on me!

After a long day, Jason and I went to the pool with a couple that was also honeymooning. We met them during the canopy tour and they were staying where we were. We ended up having lots to talk about with them! Below is me and Alex.

After pool-time, we cleaned up and went to our beach restaurant for steaks. Then off to bed!

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