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Friday, June 12, 2009

So Happy!

I just love this pic that Jason's stepmon, Denise took at our wedding. We are so happy to be married!

We have really enjoyed our first few weeks of being married and back from the honeymoon. I actually have cooked meals for us- stuffed peppers and pot roast-all by myself....well, with my mom on the phone telling me what to do! I am going to make Jason's favorite cupcakes this weekend for him too. I'm trying to be a good wife.

Jason has been an awesome husband too-picking up the house, taking the trash out, making the coffee in the morning and calming me down when I get really stressed out...which is every night!

We have such a fun and busy summer ahead of us. We have tickets to see my favorite bands: Aerosmith and They Fray, both in July. We also have Coldplay tickets, but can't go anymore due to a conference I am going to for work. (Let me know if you are interested in 2 Coldplay tickets for their July Houston show). We already attended one wedding so far, but have another one in July. We are also trying to have a long weekend in New Orleans with some friends.

In the midst of all of these activities, I am moving into the dorms on Sunday for SOAR-Summer Orientation and Registration. This is my 3rd year to do this, but I will hate to be away from Jason and Tucker! I will be tied up with SOAR for 2 weeks. Then in July, my office is hosting a national conference on our campus. We will be so busy and will be moving back into the dorms for that week!

I am also in the middle of the summer semester for the MBA program. I will graduate from the program in mid-December! This will be a really hard semester because one of the two classes I am in right now is Finance. I am not a math person and have never had finance before. Lots of hard work ahead of me these next few months, but hopefully I can get some fun in too!

Hope you have a great weekend! I have a conference Saturday morning at another university in town, then homework and packing time!

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