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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

I know, I haven't even posted pics from our Costa Rica trip yet, but I wanted to share these since there aren't as many. 

Sorry for the light posting- I am currently in the middle of my biggest event that I've planned to date: Summer Orientation.  By the way, I have big news coming tomorrow...would love to hear your guesses...

Back to the post- Jason and I went to Las Vegas this past weekend because his sister, Stephie was getting married.  It was both of our first trips so we were excited!  It was a very quick 3 days, but we managed to pack a lot in.  We stayed at the MGM Grand, where the wedding reception and other events were held.

Day One:  Arrived in Vegas, Met up with the Fam, Walked the Strip!

I was super excited to find out there were lions at the MGM Grand, where we stayed. 

LOVED the Bellagio...hope to stay there for our next trip!

Jason and I ate dinner at one of Emeril's good.  Jason's dish is below: tuna on top of spinach and cheese ravioli.

We loved the fountain show at the Bellagio too. 

Day Two:  We walked the strip again, went to Sugar Factory to pick up their famous couture lollipops, layed out by the pool and went to the wedding!

Cody and Stephie got married at the "Little Chapel of the West" where Cody's parents were married.  A lot of celebrities got hitched here too like Angelina Jolie/Billy Bob and Richard Gere/Cindy Crawford.

Stephie looked beautiful...lots of tears too.

The wedding party...funny story: the Best Man didn't bring a jacket and everyone was worried about how it would look in the pictures.  Jason noticed that they were about the same size so he let him where his sweet! 

The cake!  This was the first wedding I have ever been to that I didn't try the one wanted to eat it...sad day, but it was beautiful. 

Brother & Sister

Day 3:  We walked the strip again, shopped, gambled, ate at Koi, and saw Peep Show.  Jason won $650 on Day 3 too!!!

Koi has the BEST sushi ever.  This was my favorite meal of the trip.  The Dragon Rolls are to die for and we also splurged on a giant ice cream sundae.  I'm kicking myself for not taking pics of this thing!

All in all, it was a great trip- the only downside was that the day we returned, I had to immediately repack and then move into the dorms for work...summer orientation time!

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