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Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap - Easter 2011

We had a great weekend!  Jason and I started the weekend off by seeing Scream 4 with Jason's sister.  I loved it, Jason thought it was okay, but it was a great night because I treated myself to some candy and we were in bed by 11!

Saturday I ventured out on my own to shop...but not fun, careless, la la shopping...I need shorts!  Sounds easy right...NOT!  I went to NY&Co., Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, and Express (all the spots in the same shopping center...Rice Village for you Houstonians).  The shorts were either WAY too short (hello high school days) or "mom" shorts and nerdy looking.  Is it too much to ask for to be classy and tasteful without being nerdy?  I heard a lady in the dressing room next to me (who was also short shopping) say "these make me look like I have an elephant's saggy butt!"  It lifted my spirits.

If anyone has any suggestions, please share! 

I ended up getting 2 pairs at Ann Taylor Loft.  They are okay, but I wouldn't consider it a success (the 40% off helped). 

Saturday night Jason, me, my mom and stepdad LE went to a wedding.  The (huge) wedding was for the brother of a girl that LE and I work with- needless to say we did not know anyone, but we had a great time.  No pictures...sorry people!  It was stunning though and Jason and I were seated at the table of an Indian pop star...not sure if she is Britney status or Pia status...we'll say Britney.

Then Easter Sunday!  We went to church Sunday morning with mom and LE...I'm sure they are sick of us! 

LE, Mom, me and Jason
Later that afternoon, we headed to my mom's for food, family, an Easter Egg Hunt and more FOOD!  We had a blast and stuffed ourselves silly on so much good food: hamburgers, ham, homemade ice cream w/toppings, bread pudding, candy, cookies, was excessive, but wonderful!

My brother Carter and Mom

Carter and me

Jason was really excited for the hunt

Uncle Chris, Diana, and my cousin Sydney!!

Carter brought his new animal rescue pup named Zeke!!!

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