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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Recap X 7

Oops...I let these recaps slip!  Let me catchup on our past seven weekends!  Sorry for lack of pictures.  I've decided that I need a new camera and that is why I haven't been taking any pictures.  My current camera stinks and only likes taking blurry pictures.  I hate it.  Think that would make an excellent birthday present from someone...

February 26-27:   Volunteered in JL tea room, Anniversary Brunch at Backstreet Cafe (we celebrated our 4 year anniversary of when we met)

March 5-6:  Volunteered in JL tea room, Dinner and drinks at Stella Sola with Jason's sis Jeanna, that Sunday we didn't leave the house!

March 12-13:  Big event for work at one of our surgery centers, early dinner at Haven, saw Red Riding Hood with Jason's sis Jeanna (don't waste your time or money on this movie)

March 19-20:  Co-hosted a Daughters of the Republic of Texas meeting with my mom and Grammy, lazy Sunday

March 26-27:  Jason's Birthday Dinner at Branch Water Tavern, Volunteered in tea room, Jason left for Philadelphia

April 2-3:  Final Four weekend in Houston, saw Panic! at the Disco and Kings of Leon at Discovery Green, Star pizza, sun burn = awesome weekend.  Saw Insidious...great movie!  Got Jason to run errands with me!! We went to DSW, Galleria and Babys R Us...for a shower gift only, don't get any ideas!

April 9-10:  Volunteered in JL tea room, Co-hosted a couples baby shower in Corsicana, TX, visited with Jason's family

All of that stuff and not ONE picture.  If you have any suggestions on a good digital camera, let me know!

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