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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pet Peeves

Yesterday I was walking home from the gym and I started thinking about things that really get under my skin.  Probably because I was annoyed with some stupid people just moments before.  These are the things that really dig at me. 

Please share yours too!

-  When pet owners don't put their dogs on a leash.  Tucker hates this too.  It's scary when a big dog, even a friendly one, rushes a little chihuahua

-  Rushing into the elevator before letting those inside exit (this is one of the things yesterday)

-  Standing directly in front of someone at an aerobics class...people want to see themselves in the mirror, not your backside!  (yes, another thing yesterday)

-  Not RSVPing for something.  This is just plain rude!

-  Talking on the phone in the bathroom.  It kills me when I hear someone doing this!  Even worse, is when they act annoyed when you flush as if they were keeping it a secret to the person on the other end that they are actually in a restroom stall. 

-  People who talk really loud on their cell phones.  I can be loud sometimes so I try to never be this person.  Nobody wants to hear your conversation, although I must admit that at times when I've been by myself at a restaurant or something these people do provide me with some entertainment. 

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