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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

I finally got to see Something Borrowed with Ashley!  We saw an early movie right after work.  It was so good...not going to win any awards or anything, but a perfect chick flick.  I just hope they now make Something Blue, the followup to the first book by Emily Giffin.  I've already read it, but want to pull it out and read it again since my memory is foggy.

After the movie, Jason and I loaded up the car, Tuckster in tow, and headed to Matagorda for the long weekend.  We got there late and pretty much just went to sleep after we arrived.  Glad we left Friday though because Jason had a fishing trip the next day at 6am and I was so not interested in leaving Houston at 4:30am on Saturday.

While the boys fished, I slept in and hung out with my mom...oh and she committed to a lost puppy who needed a home, never saw the dog, but knew she wanted him so basically got a dog over email!  We then started making lists of what she needed to buy come Monday.  The rest of the day we tanned burned, read, napped, relaxed.  We ate so much junk food...terrible Chelsea!  Ice cream, queso, cookies, the works! 

Pretty much the same as Saturday- sleep-eat-lay out-boat ride-junk food-fishing.  The boys caught a couple of stingrays off the dock which was fun. 

We packed it up and headed back to Houston.  It was an exciting day for my mom who picked up her new baby, Buddy!  He is so cute and seems to be the best dog!  He's a schnauzer who is around 2-3 years old.  Jason grilled the flounder they caught and we watched The Bachelorette...perfect long weekend!  

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