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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend Recap - Birthday Edition!

I realize it's almost a new weekend and I'm just now recaping the last one, but it's been a busy week.  Last Friday was my birthday and I had an amazing last week and weekend celebrating thanks to my husband, family and friends!
It started a whole week before with the start of "Birthday Week."  Birthdays are huge in my famiily (thanks to my mom - ever since I was small, she always went above and beyond on our birthdays).  So Jason and I celebrate "Birthday Week" by giving cards and small gifts throughout the week.  Over the course of the week Jason got me cards, a Sprinkles cupcake, balloons, flowers, candy, and a cute little Sparrow's Nest from Paper Source.

We celebrated Wednesday with my sister-in-law at Ra Sushi.  I had drinks and cupcakes on Thursday with my Junior League gals at Absolve.  Shopping spree and lunch with my mom on Friday...we had so much fun!  Dinner wtih Ashley and Wentzel Friday night at Adobe Cafe.  Dinner with my hubby - just the two of us at Haven on Saturday night.  And finally, dinner wtih my Dad and Karin on Sunday night at Escalantes.  Can't believe I didn't gain 20 pounds!

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special. I am one lucky girl!

Dinner at Haven with Jason

The remains of my favorite dessert of all-time, Coconut Tres-Leches Bread Pudding @ Haven

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