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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target Report

I wasn't able to make it to Target today until about noon.  I knew pickins' would be slim.  Most all of the shelves were completely empty!  It was really funny to see everyone running around the store trying to find more items; looking in obscure places for misplaced pieces.  I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt.  I also scoped out a few women who were buying anything and everything by the cart full.   

One lady even offered to give me one of the many blue knit maxi dresses she had in her cart.  She herself was definitely a size small and handed me a size large dress that was HUGE.  I thought she was trying to be funny, so I sarcastically said thank you and laughed, but she wasn't laughing back.  I politely told her no thank you, because I didn't think it would fit me and she took it back and looked at me like I just passed up a million dollars.  What's the point if you can't wear it?  She's probably planning on putting all of it on Ebay.   

Here is what I found at the Sugar Land (Houston) store:

No housewares

No scarves, hats, bags or gloves

Lots of rain boot and pumps, no flats

Poor lonely skirt

So sad

The socks and tights were not a big hit

2 laptop cases, 2 eye-masks and 2 rolling bags (cute, but expensive)

One sad blanket

A few random headbands and hair clips
Besides, what is pictured, there was a lot of stationary, kids and baby clothing available.  I had my eyes on the cutest Missoni onesie, but then smacked myself back to reality.  I'm not even pregnant, why do I need a baby onesie!

I tried on this sweater in a M and L, but neither looked good on me.  It's cut very short.  This was one of the only pieces still left. 

I was shocked to find so many shoes still available.  Every size in rain boots.  Very cute, however, I don't need rain boots, I'm in Houston after all.  I LOVED these pumps online and was excited to see so many left.  They even had my size!  Fit was great, comfort okay, but the quality was horrible.  Every pair looked worn and dirty.  They were in my hand and priced at $40.00, but I just couldn't do it.
This was the one item I walked away with!  A little boring, I know, but I think I will get a lot of wear out of it since I wear black and white all the time.  Great for work or with jeans.

Little trick...go to the dressing rooms and ask  to look through the inventory on their racks.  That is how I found almost everything I tried on.  The lady working thought I was crazy, but I helped her a hang a few things in return.  I may have also stalked a few people who were holding items I wanted to try on.  Of course, by now I'm sure everything is GONE!
Did you stop by a Target and/or order online and find anything good?

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