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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Jason and I had a very low-key weekend to say the least.  Jason is coming off of being sick and I seemed to have caught it so we majorly took it easy.  We didn't even decorate for fall like I!

We went to an early evening movie to see Straw Dogs.  Very violent, but good.  We like the theme of a family protecting their home.  Makes me never want to live in a small town though. 

Sleep - Walk - Read - Nap - Eat - Sleep
That's pretty much how it went.  It was nice to be able to take it easy since I was puny.  I'm currently reading Sarah's Key, recommended (and bought) by my mom.  I'm not quite finished with it, but it's amazing and a must-read! 

On another note, Jason and I rented Bridesmaids. Can't believe we hadn't seen it yet, but it's really funny and definitely worth watching. Great to watch such a funny movie with a lead female cast.


Pretty much a repeat of Saturday, but I added a trip to the grocery store, cleaning and laundry

Hopefully we will have a more exciting weekend coming up and that I feel better soon.  I'm even home sick from work today and about to go back to bed...

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