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Friday, September 23, 2011

Scarf Swappin'

I participated in Meredith's (from The Tichenor Family) 3rd Annual Scarf Swap!  What a great way to kick off the fall season.  Everyone loves a new scarf and you don't have to worry about sizes. 

I was paired up with Jess from Serendipity!  We've been emailing back and forth for the past few weeks to get to know each other.  Her family is so precious and just moved into a sweet, new house.  Hope you get Internet soon Jess! 

I read on her blog that she loves all things teal so that was my scarf mission.  I found a super soft and cozy scarf in the teal family at Ann Taylor (I didn't go over the price limit, a coupon was involved) and shipped it off to Pennsylvania (I was also excited to have a reason to use my new Erin Condren label freebie)!  By the way, the guy at the post office that I was quite kooky for taking pictures of my package.

Yesterday, after the longest day ever, look what was happily waiting for me in my mailbox!  I really needed this little day brightener.  Perfect timing to lift my spirits Jess.  So cute!

I L-O-V-E the scarf Jess got for me.  Red is one of my favorite colors to wear (especially since 75% of my closet is black and white.  It has flecks of silver in it and has a great comfy stretch.  So perfect!!!!

Tucker felt left out, so I let him model it too...

And this is what I wore today!  My great, new scarf with my new Missoni for Target top. 

Thank you so much Jess for my new fall wardrobe staple!  I'm glad we have had a chance to get to know each other.  Also, thank you to Meredith for hosting the swap.  She will be hosting a 'Winter Swap" in the next few months so stay tuned. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Love both of the scarves!! And love that you sealed your package with your Erin Condren labels, I'm loving mine!! Thanks so much for participating this year!!

  2. AHH!! I LOVE the scarf on you, and I LOVE mine too!! thank you so much, this was SO fun! Hopefully this weekend I can get some pics and blog too (*sigh this life without internet requires too much planning ahead, and I apparently am not cut out for it) It was great getting to know you! (p.s. don't you love how I conveniently forgot to write down your name, when I got to the post office, all I could remember was Chelsea hoping it would still get to you haha)



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