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Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Lazy weekend...woo hoo! 
Friday night wasn't lazy for me.  I volunteered at the Children's Museum of Houston for an overnight lock-in with 4th grade girls.  Not much sleep, but lots of fun.  Go team Choo-Choo! 

Saturday morning I left the museum around 8am and headed home.  After lots of coffee, Jason and I went to the Galleria so I could buy a little splurge for myself with all of the Visa gift cards I got for Christmas.  We ate an awesome lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then headed home to get ready for the big Texans game.  I don't even like football, but this was the first time ever that the Texans were in a play-off game so I got into it.  We all wore our Texans gear, including Tucker and it worked...they won!  We stayed in that night and watched a horror movie, our fave!

Go Texans!

Sunday we slept favorite thing ever!  We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy new towels with the gift card my mom gave us for Christmas...much needed so thank you mommy!!!!!!!  More errands and laundry followed by an early evening movie, The Devil Inside.  If you like scary, exorcism movies, this is a good one.  It had lots of cringe-worthy scenes. 

Soapbox of the day:  Jason and I get so ANGRY when we see little kids at movies that are not kid-friendly!  Are parents that selfish?  Can they not find a different movie or pay a babysitter if they just can't wait?  Jason and I are huge horror fans, but sometimes even the movies we see are too much for us.  I can't begin to imagine, what it's like to see it through a child's eyes.  Shame on the people who think this is okay.


  1. This is my pet peeve!!! I can't believe people who do that. Studies show that children can get PTSD from watching movies because it seems so real to them.

  2. That is crazy about getting PTSD, but I can totally understand why. Sometimes I feel that way after some of these movies!



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