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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

FridayThe Civil Wars with opening act, The Staves, were sooooo wonderful!  Besides just flat out being a great show, it was also nice to see them at the Wortham and be able to sit in a cozy seat with a glass of wine.  Such a great night!

Lazy morning, lots of coffee and reading, and house hunting followed by a long dinner at Coal Vines, a new wine bar and restaurant in Sugar Land (locations also in Austin, Dallas and South Lake).  I highly recommend it and if you go, trust me and order the Seafood Risotto Cake for an appetizer. 

Jason got up way too early, and woke me up in the process, to go duck hunting.  I spent the day with the girls visiting Sarah and Baby Owen!  Sarah missed the baby shower we threw for her and our other pregger friends because Owen decided to come early, so we brought the shower to her!  Crave Cupcakes included. 

Happy Wednesday...anyone else as excited about Wednesday nights as I am because it's, as we call it our house, "REVENGE NIGHT"!!!!

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