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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Fit Foods 3 Day Challenge

Has anyone else tried My Fit Foods?  It's not anything new...just new to me.  A few things I've heard about them from friends is that some, not all of the food is good, it's quick and easy, great for a working professional and ideal for those needing help with portion control.  Me, me, me!  I know how much I'm supposed to eat, I just have no self control.

Anyway, I bought three days worth of food picked out for me by a MFF staff member and am doing a "3-Day Challenge."  They encourage and advertise doing a 21-Day challenge.  With that option you meet with one of their nutritionists to create a customized plan, however a 3-Day is a good start for me!  I'm curious to see how effective it is on helping me lose weight.  Quick rundown of other diets I've tried:

Jenny Craig:  great way to jump start your weight loss, but you have to pay membership fees and attend weekly weigh-ins, it's not sustainable (are you going to eat JC food forever), and since the meals are frozen they are full of preservatives.

Weight Watchers:  this plan is a great way to stick with weight loss since it teaches you to eat "real" food.  Cons are that you also pay a membership fee. 

I'm still a Weight Watchers member (loser member), but wanted a little kickstart to get me motivated.  I get motivated when I see instant success and am trying something new!

My Fit Foods doesn't require a membership and isn't a "diet plan."  It's just healthy food portioned for you.  They sell breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Most meals come in small (for females), medium (for males) and large (for superhumans, I guess).  Many of the meal options are gluten free, dairy free and/or soy free.  They are diabetic friendly and even have vegan and vegetarian options.

I'm anxious to see if I will have any success doing this.  I'm also working out and tracking what the meals equate to in Weight Watchers terms, caloric intake, hunger levels and pounds lost throughout the process. 

Join me in my journey!  Tomorrow I will post on how Day 1 went. 

FYI, My Fit Foods did not pay me in any way for these reviews.  These are my opinions only. 


  1. Hey! I was talking to Adrienne about going to WW together if you want to do it with us. We can go on a Saturday or something so it's easier for everyone!

  2. Yes! Count me in...I can do evenings too if that is easier on ya'll!



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