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Friday, August 24, 2012

Scarf Swap 2012

Meredith over at The Tichenor Family Blog is hosting her 4th Annual Scarf Swap!  This will be my second year participating. 
All you have to do is read the rules over at her blog and leave her a comment with all of your info by August 31.  She will pair you up with another blogger and notify you by September 3.  You will then have 2 weeks to learn more about your partner, shop for a scarf for them and ship their way by September 15.  They will be doing the same for you!  Afterwards, we will have a big link-up party on September 24 showing off our new scarves with our new friends! 
Why scarves you ask?  Well, it is coming up on fall...not that us in Houston will be able to feel it (we still pretend).  And, scarves are the perfect item to buy for someone since one size fits all!


  1. Totally just signed up for this! I wear scarves all year round! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So true! I even wear light "summer" scarves when it's 90+ degress outside...just love 'em! So excited you signed up too. It was so fun last year, especially to see what everyone received.

  3. Love this idea! I signed up this weekend!



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