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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Navy's Magic Number is Working

Last weekend Jason was out of town and although I love my husband more than anything, it was nice to have a weekend to myself.  I didn't even call my friends to hang out.  I just went into my turtle shell and enjoyed not being on a schedule and doing exactly what I wanted to do, every second of the day...this mostly involved home stuff, but I crammed in a few indulgent things like browsing through a few stores and eating almost an entire frozen pizza by my defense it was a small, meatless, thin crust and yes I had a major stomach ache afterwards.  Wish I could say I learned my lesson. 

While I was running around I saw the cutest black and white polka dot dress in the window at Old Navy so I felt compelled to check it out.  I had low expectations since the last four or so trips there I left disappointed and size never being available on the good stuff.

Well, not last Saturday around 7pm (loser)!   Although that cute polka dot dress did not look good on my body, I found 4 tops that I loved and left with...I know mom, I should be saving my money for home stuff!  The fashion Gods would have struck me down if I passed on these, all of which were Old Navy's magic number, $24.94. 

Do these clothes remind you of anything....hello J.Crew catalog for a third of the price!  I'll take it.  Read The College Prepster's great blog post about this exact topic HERE.   

The cute dress that drew me into the store:

Image via College Prepster

Purchase #1:  Old Navy Boatneck Sweater in Goodnight Nora

Image Via College Prepster

Purchase #2:  Old Navy Boatneck Sweater in Imperial Jade

Image Via College Prepster

 Purchase #3:  Old Navy Polka Dot Chambray (can't find online, must be sold-out).  I've been dying for a chambray shirt like this all season.  I almost bought one from, who else, J. Crew for $78.00.  So glad I didn't. 

Old Navy Chambray Shirt in Red: I purchased this for $24.94, but online it's $29.94. 
On the website (second image) this shirt looks more red, in person it looks a little orange.  I loved it nonetheless.  I think it will be a great transition piece into fall.  It would also be perfect to wear to a UT football game.  I didn't go to Texas, but during college football they are who I pull for.  Sorry Mean Green...

Have you visited Old Navy lately?  Any purchases? 

Quick note if you are local, the Sugar Land store near the mall had TONS of inventory on all sizes in these pieces and more on Saturday.  I noticed the boatneck sweaters have limited sizing online.  This store also had a LOT of chambray in different shades and colors. 


  1. The last time I went to Old Navy they were in that weird transition stage from summer to fall where most everything was on sale and they only had a few "new" items up at the front. And I was shopping to go to Seattle where the temp is about 30 degrees cooler than north Texas. I was able to find some LONG skinny jeans that fit all over AND some of those button up style shirts in denim and white which look super cute with skinny jeans and sandals. Even their selection of clothes for little ones was pretty sparse. I think I'm going to go back some time next week because hopefully they'll have a better selection because school shopping will be heating up.

  2. I haven't been to Old Navy, but I keep hearing great things about them, so I need to go soon!

  3. I love the polka dot Chambray shirt!



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