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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Ashley!

Today is Ashley's birthday!  Go show her some birthday love on her blog, Newlyweds & Nesting.  Her husband, Wentzel celebrates his birthday tomorrow so you can show him some love too!  You can also check out her online store, Ribbons & Rick Rack

Ash, or Ashel, as a call her...she calls me Chels-a-roo (we are so mature), moved to Tyler a year ago and I miss her everyday.  We got very spoiled when we first met at work because we got to spend every work day together.  Since we worked at a college in the admissions office doing recruitment and special events we even got to spend many evenings, weekends, and during summer orientation, two straight weeks together in a dorm!  On top of that, we completed our masters together (signing up for the same classes of course) so we got to spend our nights together too...hello Taco Bell runs for dinner!  Some days we were together from 8am-10pm...seeing each other more than our husbands.

Needless to say we developed a special bond that doesn't happen often and I knew we would remain close forever, no move would change that, however sometimes it stinks. 

Even though I don't get to celebrate her birthday in person, she is coming to visit in a few weeks and I can't wait!!!!  Last time they were supposed to come, our AC went out so let's all pause and say a little prayer that nothing happens this time. 

Drill Team pose!

San Antonio

Ashley's Wedding Shower

Ashley's Wedding

We love Pears!!!  Gotta love the matching HBU shirts...and my horrible haircut!

Our staple black and gray

Summer Orientation

At a wedding

MBA Graduation day!!!

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!  I hope you have the most special day!  Can't wait to see you soon. 



  1. You are too sweet! I miss you so much!! {and WOW we had some short hair back in the day - WHY!?}

  2. You're right, close friendships are rare. I'm so glad you found Ashley!



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