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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

I realize I'm just now recaping the weekend and it's basically the beginning of a new one, but my excuse is that it's a short week.

After my super fun car break-in last Thursday and living without AC for two weeks, Jason and I decided to get the heck out of town for the long weekend and it was wonderful!  We headed to Matagorda, a favorite weekend retreat.  My mom and LE were there of course (it's their house) and my step-sister, Lisa.

For those of you new to the blog (welcome!), Matagorda is where Jason and I got engaged and a fave place for us to run away to since it so close...just 1.5 hour drive.  Besides all of the good memories and getting to spend time with family, one of my favorite things about Matagorda is that fact that getting "dressed up" in this town means putting on shoes (flip-flops of course).  I didn't put a stitch of makeup on the entire time we were there and went to the store in a bikini top.

We fished, boated, shopped, ate (I did cheat a little, but tried to balance it out and watch my portions), watched movies, read, and spotted a ton of weird animals....

We also learned (thank you Mom) that it's possible to get a cheese dip hangover. 

This is where the boys lived

My weekend uniform!

Tuck loved being in the sun

He also discovered fishing!  He has been around us fishing so many times, but this trip he actually got into it.  He tried to bite the fish and almost jumped in after them several times.

One happy pup

Weird animal sighting #1: A Buck swam across the river twice

The wild hogs that live across the river

Weird Animal Sighting #2: Porpoises swimming in front of our house.  What's so weird about this is that our house is on the Colorado River, not the ocean.  It all feeds in together so when the tide goes in and out we get a crazy mixture.

We named this guy Everett and he was with us the entire weekend.

Weird Animal Sighting #3:  Baby hammerhead shark swam up on the beach


TONS of jellyfish, not spotted on the beach, but all over the river

Last but not least, Weird Animal Sighting #4: Scorpion!  I know these guys are around, but don't like seeing them.  We found him (dead) in the house.  Creepy!



  1. OMG how cute and "scary" is that baby shark! I love your doggy soooo cute!!!

    Love your blog!! Your newest follower!!

    XOXO Bunnie

    follow me back?

    1. Hey Bunnie! Thanks for reading. I just jumped over and followed your blog. Your blog is great and I love the design!



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