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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That Fall Shopping Itch

Every fall I get that shopping itch.  Maybe it comes from years of going back to school shopping.  Stores throw all of the summer clothes on a sale rack and have gorgeous displays of rich colored sweaters, dark denim, tights and leggings.  Even though in Houston we won't really have a need to wear these items until late December, there's something about football games and fall decorations that makes it okay to wear a big comfy sweaters in 90 degree weather. 

Since our new house is eating all of our money at the moment I can't really indulge much, but here are a few items that have either caught my eye or I've recently added into my wardrobe. 

Sweater Coat, Anthropologie
Tunic Sweater, Old Navy

Peplum Open Hem Sweater and Hammered SatinFloral Peplum Top, Ann Taylor
Southwest Fringe Sweater, Macy's

Striped Cover Up Sweater, White House Black Market



  1. I'm all over the black striped...perfect for those "I ate too much ice cream this summer" days...

    1. I know...can't wait to wear it! We just have to make sure we don't wear it on the same day!



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