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Saturday, March 9, 2013

30 Weeks

At 30 weeks...we are trying to catchup on pics so counting as week 29!


How far along:  30 weeks
Size of Baby P: 15.71 inches, 2.91 pounds (according to Pregnancy App)
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Squash (for weeks 29-32)
Gender: Boy
Showing: Yes
Maternity clothes: Yes
Unglamorous body changes: Bigger belly everything and darker linea nigra
Sleep: Better this week...aside from getting up 2-3 times a night to pee!

Movement: TONS
Food cravings:  Still lots of ice water, Rainbow sherbet, grilled cheese
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Wedding rings on or off: On
Mood: A little moody/emotional
Best moment this week:  Baby shower in Houston hosted by my Aunt Vicki and cousin Mauri.  We also got to see Jack this week by doing a 3D ultrasound...what a great week!
Mauri, Aunt Vicki, me and my mom
Baby Jack at 30 Weeks

Strange experiences: Seeing our little guy in 3D. He has filled out so much since the last time we saw him.   It's so amazing (yet strange) to see our baby in my belly.  He loves to put his hands in front of his face so it was really hard to get a good shot of him, but we did get to see that he has hair on his head at this point!!!  The tech was so nice and patient with stubborn Jack.  He ended up giving us double the time of our session so we could get some face shots.  So in love with him!
Milestones:   Baby may begin to position himself for birth anytime from now.
Looking forward to:   Finishing the nursery.  So much has been done, but I just want to finish it! I'm also really looking forward to our baby shower with Jason's family in his hometown coming up in a few weeks. 
Thoughts:   I'm so overwhelmed by the love I felt seeing all of my friends and family at the shower last Saturday.  Jack is one lucky little boy already.  It was truly a special day that I will never forget.  I can't wait to share more pictures!
We also finished our "prepared childbirth" classes this week and are 99% sure we found our pediatrician!  We've been busy!  I'm super jealous of all of my friends who work in education and are on spring break right now.  What I wouldn't give for a whole week of organizing, cleaning and nesting.  Instead I get to go out of town for a work conference, then rush back to town for lots of work appointments, host a Pi Phi event and co-host a wedding shower this weekend.  All great things, but whew, I'm exhausted already! 
As I type this post, I'm 31 weeks and it just hit me today that this means only 9 more weeks (or earlier)!!!  Not going to lie, I'm panicking a little.  I feel like there is still so much to do to prepare, but at the same time I can't wait to meet our little boy!
Finally, I saw this book earlier this week and think Tucker needs to get it for Jack!  I'm very nervous to see how Tucker will react to a baby in the house.  He has been my only baby for the last 9 years and Tuck isn't too fond of kids in general.  Fingers crossed!

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