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Monday, May 6, 2013

Gift Basket for L&D Nurses

I read from so many bloggers that it is helpful and a nice idea to bring a gift to the hospital for the labor and delivering nurses when you go in to have your baby.  Not only is it a great way to so thank you for all that they will do for you, but selfishly it will help them remember you and maybe even go the extra mile should you need it! 

Most ideas for this were food, snacks, meals, etc.  I did read that it's not the best idea to bake something yourself...nurses don't know what your kitchen is like so they may not feel comfortable eating homemade goods for cleanliness purposes. 

I simply took a Pottery Barn Kids box (since it's blue) and filled it with blue tissue paper and blue candy and gum like Almond Joys and Nestle Crunch.  I also made 10 individual treat bags with blue Bath & Body Works lotion and hand sanitizers and Baby Boy Hershey Kisses and lollipops (found at Michael's).  Jack better not turn out to be a girl!  You can easily do this with a pink theme too. 

I typed a little thank you note from our family and called it a day!  Hopefully they will love it. 

Other ideas you might want to try:

-  Starbucks package with various teas and coffees
-  Individual gift bags for each nurse with water bottles and on-the-go snacks since they work long hours
-  Edible arrangements gift baskets
-  If you don't have time to make something in advance, you could order in food while you are there for everyone...a breakfast tray or specialty cupcakes from a local bakery.  You could have it delivered while you are still at the hospital or have a friend bring it up for you.

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