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Friday, May 3, 2013

Preparing Our Fur Baby for Our New Addition

Tucker will always be my first baby.  He is almost 10 years old now.  I got him when I was a junior in college when he was just about 8 weeks old.  He has been through so much with me...a thousand moves, jobs, boyfriends...marriage, trips, good times, bad times and everything in between.  I can say that Jason loves him just as much as I do now...thank God.

His life is about to change just like ours with the arrival of Baby Jack.  It's so important to me and Jason that he doesn't feel neglected or too stressed once we introduce a baby into the mix.  Our little family of 3 is about to be changed forever!

Tuck as puppy, around 8 weeks old
About 8 years old

We've both been soaking in as much quality time with Tuck these past few weeks, especially me since I've been on bed rest.  There isn't much we can do now to prepare him.  We've just been spending lots of time with him and making sure he sees the nursery and all of Jack's stuff. 

Hopefully it will be a smooth transition for him! 

Tucker has been very protective over my belly lately, resting his head on it and shielding it if someone walks by me
Yes he sleeps with us!

Tuck getting all dried off after a bath...must be clean for baby brother!
We love you Tucker!  You are going to be the best big brother to Baby Jack! 


  1. I had my hubby bring home a hat or blanket that our first baby wore in the hospital and let our dog sniff it and get used to it before we brought her home from the hospital. I was never really worried that they wouldn't get along. He handled the transition fine. He was a typical first kid/dog. He needed a little extra attention and did a few things to be sure we noticed him, but 7 years master, they are best buds.

  2. I'm sure Tucker will be a great big brother! It's so sweet to see the friendship develop too :) Can't wait to see more pictures of sweet little Jack!!! Congrats momma!!!

  3. I'm taking very good care of Tuck while you are at the hospital. Lots and lots of attention! Mimi



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