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Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello World...Hello 6 Weeks!

I strictly adhered to not taking Jack out in public for 6 weeks.  I've known too many people who took their baby out in public too soon, not wanting the fact that they had a baby to affect their lives, only to end up at the doctor and even the hospital. 

So we hunkered down and stayed at home.  Jack literally only left the house the past 6 weeks for his pediatrician's office and for walks in our neighborhood.  I will admit that at times I went a little stir crazy, but luckily I love my home and knew I was doing what was best for Jack.  I'm in no way saying this is best for everyone...just best for us at this time. 

I also didn't have much confidence in myself taking him out alone so these 6 weeks were needed to really get to know Jack and how to calm him down when needed. 

Jack was officially 6 weeks on Friday so this weekend we took him out a few times.  We had lots of firsts to say the least. 

First trip to the grocery store - Saturday with Jason.  Jack slept the entire time in the Baby K'Tan.  Jason got lots of comments from people! 

First church service - Sunday.  I was so nervous that he would have a meltdown in the middle of service, but he was such a good baby.  I held him the entire time and he slept great. 

First restaurant outing - Sunday after church we went to Gringos for Mexican food (mostly because it would be fast) to celebrate Father's Day.  Jack was a little fussy, but we fed him while we ate and it all worked out. 

Lots of smiles - Jack started giving us TONS of smiles this weekend.  And they were intentional smiles.  Either when we walked in the room or when I made silly sounds.

First Father's Day - We had a great day celebrating Jason's first Father's Day!  Jack loves his daddy. 

Back to the Gym - Another milestone, but this one is for me...I returned to the gym at 6 weeks postpartum.  Gotta get that body back!

Other pictures from the weekend:
Aunt Nicole and Uncle Geoffrey stopped by to see Jack on Saturday.  They brought him lots of pirate outfits since Geoffrey has dubbed him "Captain Jack Sparrow."  Jack had all sorts of great hand gestures during their visit. 

Mimi got some cuddle time in

Mommy and Jack!

We had a photo shoot on his Elephant Play Mat that Aunt Shannon gave him.  He loves it!

Tucker watching over sleeping Jack.

Jack is now over 25 inches long and longer than his inchworm toy.


  1. I absolutely love the photo of him in the "later Gator" orange suit. So precious!



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