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Sunday, June 23, 2013

One Month Favorites

We have survived Jack's first month and are getting close to hitting the two month milestone!  I wanted to share our favorite baby items...the things that we would not have been able to survive without the past 7 weeks...both Jack, me and Jason! 

When I was pregnant these blog posts from others were very helpful to me in navigating the confusing world of baby products.  By writing this, I hope to help someone else out too. 

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any specific questions. 
One Month Favorites

Nap Nanny - This Godsend was unfortunately recalled so good luck getting your hands on one.  If you can, grab it up!  This is Jack's favorite thing to sleep in...hence, the name.  Why was it recalled?  In my opinion, stupid people who left their baby unattended in it.  Otherwise, it's perfectly safe. 

Soothies Pacifiers - We introduced Jack to a pacifier at about a week.  The only reason we didn't sooner was because of fear that it would mess him up during breastfeeding, but it didn't.  Just like the name it really did soothe him (and me) and has since saved us a TON of crying fits. 

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Seat and Caddy Stroller Frame - My mom and Ashley can confirm that I stressed myself out when it came to choosing an infant seat.  I did hours upon hours of online research, visited baby stores too many times, read countless reviews and talked to all of my friends.  Luckily all of that research paid off and we could not be happier with the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Seat.  We also opted for the Chicco Caddy Stroller Frame.  I love it because it's lightweight, so easy to pull out of bases and the stroller.  It really is idiot proof.  I also love the way it looks...we chose a black, white and gray version (Graphica) which is a little hard to find, but worth it if you can! 

Puj Tub - Love this!  Jack loves it too.  It seems so soft and comfortable for him.  I also love that you can hang it flat when you're done with bath time.  We've been bathing him in our bathroom sink in the master and it's been so convenient. 

Ubbi Diaper Pail - I also researched diaper pails to death...the Ubbi, Diaper Genie, etc.  I'm super happy with the Ubbi.  I love the gray color we chose and that it takes any trash bag...I opt for the Febreeze scented ones.  It's so easy to remove bags and there is no smell at all.   

Swaddle Blankets - Jack loves to be swaddled.  He sleeps better when he is so we can't live without the Aden & Anais and Swaddle Designs blankets.  We also use them in the stroller, car...everywhere.  The lightweight, airy fabric is perfect for Houston. 

Boppy Pillow - I have used this everyday, every 3 hours since Jack was born so I clearly love it.  It makes nursing so much easier.  I also love the Boppy covers from Pottery Barn Kids.  They are extra soft and thick...a ittle pricer than the ones you find in Target or other baby stores, but worth it. 

Amazon Prime Membership - If you are pregnant or have a baby, get an Amazon Prime Membership.  It pays for itself after just a few orders with it's free 2-day shipping.  It's also nice to be able to get whatever you may need in 2 days without leaving the house!  Such a lifesaver those first couple of weeks. 

Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer - After the Nap Nanny, this is the Jack's second favorite thing to take naps in.  Without this bouncer, I wouldn't be able to shower and do my hair and makeup each day.  It also keeps Jack entertained so we can eat meals in peace!  Even when not sleeping, he is content in this just looking around the room or staring at the birds. 

Turtle Bath Sponge - Super cheap at Babies R Us.  Our doctor has recommended that we don't use wipes when changing Jack's diaper, but a wet washcloth SO we had to move his cute changing station into the bathroom where the long changing table pad takes up too much counter space.  This little turtle is the perfect size for his changings now...we just put a towel over it for a little cover. 

Baby Ktan - Jack loves to be carried around in this.  There are lots of similar products out there for this, but I like the Baby Ktan because it is so easy to put on and comes in different sizes.  Luckily, the same size fit both me and Jason. 


  1. I think the inventor of the pacifiers should receive the Nobel Peace prize....just sayin'...

  2. Just wait til solid food - any diaper pail will really stink then :)



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