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Saturday, June 1, 2013


There isn't too much going on in our household these days besides everything baby.  Jack had his first "outing" at my mom's house this past week for a birthday lunch with family.  It was great for the family to meet him (and it was great for me to get out of the house for a bit). 

Four Generations

Jason and I celebrated our four year wedding home of course!  He brought me flowers, champagne and cupcakes! 

At just three weeks postpartum I got called into work on two separate days for meetings.  It wasn't too bad leaving him knowing I would be back in several hours.  This is probably great practice to ease me back into work full-time in July. 

Jason's mom came to visit this week also.  She got lots of good quality time in with me and Jack. 

Tucker had his annual teeth cleaning this week too and had to have 4 teeth pulled...keep in mind he has already lost about 5 teeth in past years.  Poor guy will be toothless soon!  He is a trooper and is trucking along.

We are on baby watch this week for my step-sister Jessica and my BFF Ashley!  Both are due the first part of June, but seem to be ready to go at any moment.  So exciting!!!

And finally, here are some photos of Jack lately!

Memorial Day 2013

Bath time

Dressed in his formal wear in honor of Sara's Wedding Weekend

Jack in his whale outfit from Laura

Our cute "Sassy Stork' from my mom

Loving the Baby Ktan

First tummy time!

Visit from Lauryn & Rob
Sleeping in his Mamaroo, which he loves

Hanging out in his bouncer

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  1. Yay! You got the box I sent! I loved the colors and I had forgotten how SOFT newborn clothes can be. It looks like you guys are settling in quite nicely with Jack!



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