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Monday, August 5, 2013

Jack: 3 Months!




Length: 26 inches
Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz
Head Circumference: 16 inches
Based on my measurements, Aug. 4
Size 1 Diapers

Milestones this month:
  • Your hands have found each other and you like to keep it that way!
  • You have discovered your thumb too and occasionally like to suck on it (just like your mama did for years!)
  • Sleeping through the night has become the norm not the exception...granted we haven't moved you out of our room yet.  I'm dreading that, but know we will be tackling that soon.
  • You have become a breastfeeding pro, but also take the bottle just as great.  Basically, you like to eat just like your mama!
  • You are officially grabbing at toys.  You love your Sassy ring links that I hung on your activity mat. 
  • You are naturally getting into a schedule and routine.  We did not force one on you, but it's working out that way and I love it!

Things you like this month:
  • Bath time
  • Angel Dear Raccoon blankie
  • Fisher Price Swing that I caved and bought you...used though for a fraction of the cost!
  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures...especially the 3 fans in our family room

Things you don't like this month:
  • You still don't love being on your tummy
  • Taking naps in your crib (I'm trying to start the transition process)
  • Late afternoons/early evening is your fussy time.  Some days are worse than others.  Most of the time I think you just get tired, but want to fight sleep.  A walk usually helps. 

Special memories this month:
  • This month was a hard one since I went back to work, but not as bad as I thought it would be.  I do get my moments during the day where I miss you like crazy.  My favorite memories from this month have been our afternoons together when I get home from work.  The nanny leaves and Jason isn't home from work yet so it's just me and you.  I usually feed you and then you fall asleep in my arms or we go for a walk, where you also sleep.  It's my most special time of day.
  • Jack meeting my Grandma who lives in he has met all of your great-grandparents!
  • Jack meeting Baby Brody
  • Jack meeting Baby Colt
  • Jack's first ladies brunch with my girlfriends...he got to meet Olive and Caroline too!
  • "Grumps" and NeeCee came to visit
  • Baptism!

Dear Jack,

We survived the time that I've been dreading since you were leaving you and going back to work.  Not only did we survive, but we are doing great!  You love your nanny and I get lots of updates of what you are doing throughout the day.  Our afternoons, evenings and weekends are that much more special.  Told you we would get through it!  All that worry over nothing.  Your dad has been awesome during this transition too.  You give both of us the biggest smiles when we get home each afternoon and that takes any stress or frustration we had from the day away!  We just celebrated your Baptism....what an amazing day!  I'm so proud of you and love you more than anything.

Love, Momma


  1. Sweet letter to your little guy! He sounds like he's doing great! I'm jealous of this "sleeping through the night!" J isn't quite there and is "much" older!

    1. Thanks Jenn! Don't be too jealous...we haven't moved him up to his nursery and crib yet. I think we are going to start this weekend...scary! I'm sure the "sleeping through the night" will go out the window then!

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