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Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Jack's Baptism Day was so special and beautiful.  I was a very nervous mama...really just anxious that Jack would have a meltdown (or a blowout) during his special moment in the spotlight.  We were the only Baptism so all eyes were on us.  All worked out and Jack was an angel!  He did great through the service and was a happy camper during the actual Baptism.  The only time he lost it was during pictures, but rightfully so.  We have a huge family so lots of picture combinations!
After church all of our family and friends came to our house for lunch and cake to celebrate!  It truly was a perfect day. 
Jason and I are so lucky to have (finally) found a church home that we love and can raise Jack in. 

Jack's Godparents Mauri and Chris

...Told you there was a lot of family combos!

Happy guy once pictures were over!

Party time!

Jack wasn't feeling very social during lunch

What a lucky little boy to have so many people love and support him. 


  1. such a special day!
    looks like he was loved & celebrated by so many!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! It was a great day. Hope you are having an awesome week.

  2. So nice and a wonderful celebration. My son is almost 2 months old and we need to start thinking about when we will have his baptism. My pediatrician suggested sooner rather than later so we can avoid flu season!

    1. Thanks Annie! So happy you stopped by and left a comment. I've been reading your blog this evening and love it! It's fun to read blogs from other new moms. Brody is so precious! I look forward to reading more.



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