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Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday: Valentine's, Hunters, and Lots of Loot!

Linking up with Darci and the girls for Five on Friday!


We've had several fun mail days this week!  It always gives my afternoons a little boost.  We received a new Citrus Lane box for the month of January and a Baby K'Tan Cloth that I won from Bassett Baby Planning!

Speaking of Bassett Baby Planning, if you are in Houston, plan to attend their open house to celebrate their new office tomorrow from 10am-2pm.  Jack and I will see you there!  More details about the event over at Houston Moms Blog


Who else is gearing up for Valentine's Day?  Having a kiddo gives me a great excuse to go all out at the holidays even though Jack is too young to appreciate it!  Our mantel is almost done and I've ordered a couple of cute shirts for Jack from Nolafionnah (love this shop!!!).  Maybe I'm just excited for Valentine's Day so much because I love red...and our house seems bare post Christmas. 

If you are looking for some cute shirts for you AND your little one, check out Hello Apparel (posting sometime today) and SaSeaDecor on Etsy.

One - Two - Three - Four
Sidenote:  so, so mad that the cute Old Navy PJ pants I was about to order me and Jason are sold out!  Darci posted about them earlier this week.  I seriously had them in my shopping cart yesterday and then decided to wait and order tomorrow.  Lesson learned.

Has anyone seen cute VDay PJ's bottoms (for adults) anywhere else?  If you see any at your local Old Navy let me know!


Speaking of Valentine's Day, Jack was the model for Studio Ainsley's Valentines Day Mini Sessions Ad!  Such a cute little cover model.  It's not too late to sign up for these 15 minute mini sessions on January 25 at the Studio Ainsley Studio in Downtown Richmond (so cute). 

Mini Sessions are perfect for quick little holiday photos.  You will be in and so fast your little one won't even know what happened and you will be left with a handful of amazing images at a great price. 

Call today to book your session!  832-344-0010 and tell them Jack sent you!


Jack cut two more teeth this week for a total of 4!!! Just when I thought his little grin couldn't get any cuter...


Ashley shared her cute Hunters on her blog today that she received for Christmas.  I also was given the exact same pair by my husband...we actually plotted this together!  I wasn't sure how much I would really wear a pair of Hunters, but they are so cute and I always yearn for them on rainy days.  Seriously, how many cute pairs do you see on blogs and Instagram lately?  I must be the exception because they looked awful on me and the fit wasn't great.  LOVE them on Ash, hate them on me.  Anyone else experience this? 

Back they went!  Don't feel too sorry for me...I exchanged them for a new pair of Toms which I will live in this Spring and a new wallet!

Kate Spade Wallet

Toms Nepal Canvas


  1. Thanks for the cute shirt share! This will be perfect for visiting my husband at the Air Force training he's at. Valentine's just happens to fall over the long weekend!

    1. Oh good! You will have to tell me what you ordered!

  2. Not sure how tall you are but a. Purple of my "not as tall" friends got hunter boots for Christmas and they complained that they didn't like how they looked. I tried some on and did like them, but I'm 5'10. I'm sure that's not the case for everyone. Just seems to be what I've noticed with people I know irl.

    1. Very interesting! I'm on the shorter side at 5'4'' and they made me look even shorter and stunpier. Would probably look better if I was 20 pounds lighter. My friend Ashley who looks geat in them is taller and slender than me. Makes sense!

  3. My KS wallet looks almost like that, it's a few years old - so we can still be twinsies!

  4. Stopping by via the link-up! I LOVE my Hunters, but the first time I bought them I returned them bc they looked awful on me. I tried again about a year later and loved them. Don't know what changed? I tired a different color? Either way, glad I got them! Though, those Toms are pretty cute, don't think you did bad in the exchange :).

  5. I love the wallet you got instead, so cute!



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