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Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday


It's the first Five on Friday of 2014!  I better make it a good one.  Happy New Year friends.  I hope you have all recovered from the holidays and are looking forward to what this year will bring us. 



I'm not one to do a long list of resolutions at the beginning of each year.  I'm a constant work in progress no matter what time of the year, however I do like to take advantage of this time after the holidays to recommit myself to getting healthier and {finally} dropping the baby weight.  I'm about 10 pounds from my exact pre-pregnancy weight, but about 22 pounds total from my ideal weight.  My goal is to drop those last 10 pregnancy pounds by the spring while I'm still nursing and then tackle the final 12 pounds after May when I plan to stop nursing.  You'll have to check out my progress of getting started next week over at Houston Moms Blog

Ashley and I are doing a fun little daily plank challenge.  I jumped back on the Weight Watchers train {me and Jessica Simpson} and I'm trying to get as many classes in at Pure Barre that I can fit into my schedule.  The hardest part is that 5am alarm.  Gotta get those 100 Club Socks!


Image via The WiseBaby
I'm looking for a Jenny Lind Style Wooden Highchair {I know, me and the rest of the world} for a fun little restoration project.  I've sent recruits all over Texas looking at local antique shops, posted on Craigs List, scoured Ebay, etc.  Anyone have one they would like to sell me?  Any other suggestions on places to look? 


I was sad to say goodbye to my fabulous Target holiday pillows so to make me feel better I said hello to new ones!  Here and here


Did you read that last month Kate Winslet had a baby boy and named him Bear.  This was what I wanted to name Jack so badly, but Jason ended up winning that battle.  Needless to say I'm a little jealous.  Don't worry, I have two other unique backups in case we have another boy one day. 

Happy 8 month birthday to my "bear" today.  You are getting way to close to 12 months!


Speaking of Jack getting closer to ONE, I've been thinking more and more about his 1st Birthday Party.  I'm curious what most people spend on 1 year old birthday parties.  I know these can easily get over the top.  Please leave a comment about your experience.  I need some limits so I don't go crazy on this little guy. 

Party time!


  1. Stopping in from the link up!

    I feel like I'm gonna go crazy with 1st birthday festivities, and I don't even know what I'm going to do yet! Etsy has lots of nice printable stuff for decorations, so I think I might do something with that...Good luck!

  2. LOL at Bear! You could just make it a nickname, right?

  3. First birthday parties are expensive! Since you have a big family, like me, a lot of the cost will be food and alcohol (if you decide to offer). We had about 40 people at the party and I think we spent around $200 on food and alcohol....and we just did appetizers and a cookie cake! I made most of the decorations and the smash cake myself, plus I ordered the invitation design on Etsy and had them printed on cardstock at Office Max to save money. I think the non-food expenses totalled around $100, which includes invitations, flowers, balloons, plates/napkins and the activity books and ornament making kits for the kids. When it comes time for invitations, I would highly recommend taking a look at Etsy. The designs are super cute and more customizable than Tiny Prints and your total cost, even after printing, is less than half of the price. We used Etsy for our Christmas cards this year too. Also, check out Oriental Trading for cute, cheap party supplies. We paid next to nothing for the kid's craft items! Good luck! It's definitely a lot of work, but I know you'll throw a great party! :)



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