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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid Week Muse: Let's Get Fit!

If you have been reading my blog lately you know that I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight {from a year ago} and just feel healthier.  As someone who isn't naturally athletic and has to really force myself to workout, I've discovered two things that help me get those workouts in:

1 - A new outfit makes me feel good and motivated, even if that new outfit is workout wear
2 - I'm fiercely competitive

ONE - Lululemon is my go-to, although I also have a few Splits59 pieces that I love.  For the hair, you can't go wrong with a Sparkly Soul headband!

I'm loving this new Lululemon "Runsie."  I have not tried it on so I can not speak of the functionality or fit, but I love the idea...especially for the Houston heat. 

TWO - To take advantage of my competitiveness, I am LOVING my FitBit Zip.  The Zip Model (which is the least expensive of them all) clips to your bra or belt and tracks your steps, calories burned and distance.  I'm competitive with myself and try to reach my goal of 10,000 steps each day, but I also get competitive with my FitBit friends.  You can actually see their steps from the App and try to beat each other each week!  If you already use FitBit and want to be "friends" find me here!

I'm considering upgrading to the FitBit Flex which is the bracelet that does everything the Zip does, but also tracks your sleep patterns.  I sometimes don't like clipping the Zip to my bra or belt depending on my outfit so I the bracelet may be a better option...but the real reason for the upgrade is that Tory Burch is teaming up with FitBit to do a Gold Bracelet and Pendant that fits your FitBit.  Pricing, release dates or official images have yet to be released, but I will let you know as soon as it is! 

Thanks to Ann Elliott and Pampers & Pearls for hosting this weekly linkup!
Ann Elliott


  1. I LOVE my fitbit too. Such a great motivator! Thanks for linking up!! xo

  2. I have wanted a fitbit but not wanted to wear a rubber bracelet so I might have to get in on this. BUT being that it's TB I bet it will be a small fortune... but at least a pretty, small fortune :)

  3. Holy have I not heard about Tory & FitBit working together!? Thank you for sharing...I'm obsessed now!



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