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Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday :: A Rant and a List

TGIF!  Those four letters always make me think about the Friday night lineup on ABC when I was younger with Full House, Family Matters and Step by Step.  Our parents would let us have "picnic night" and eat pizza on a picnic blanket in the living room.  The best!

I had a post go live on Houston Moms Blog yesterday about what NOT to register for.  I thought it would be a fun take on this topic since there are so many "Must-Have" registry lists out there.  I put a disclaimer in the post that this list is totally subjective and is just what worked for us and my one child, but oh boy did it stir up controversy!  I had hoped that people would chime in on what worked and didn't for them simply to give other perspectives and hopefully help new mom's struggling with their own registry lists.  Yes they did. 

Who knew there was a mommy war out there that I was blind to: Wipes Warmer vs. No Wipes Warmer.  Whoa!  People are passionate about this topic.  Other hot disagreements included the Bumbo and including nursing products on your registry.

The nursing product debate got my blood boiling the most {and apparently} most readers, but I'm afraid my point was lost because when people hear someone take a stance on nursing they suddenly draw up their defenses. 

Let me be clear.  I am pro-nursing.  I breast fed my son for over a year.  I used every nursing product on the market and love them all.  No one should be embarrassed about breastfeeding.  It is natural and awesome and amazing.  My point in the whole "not including nursing items on your registry" was just to proceed with caution in adding these items {think nipple cream, bras, nipple shields} thinking of who will be viewing your list, gifting you items and watching you open said items at a shower.  It might be easier for you to just purchase these items yourself. 

Am I the only one who doesn't want my coworkers {mostly males} and father thinking about my boobs and nipples?  Apparently based on the feedback I got yesterday, I am.  I had work showers and a couples shower and was not comfortable with these items being viewed by said people.  But my opinion is to always do what makes YOU comfortable.  This was merely a suggestion.

The worst comment I received yesterday on Facebook said that "I was part of the problem" when it comes to normalizing breast feeding.  Ouch.

I wish people would have read my post on Breastfeeding in the Workplace or Nursing and Pumping on the Go {my very first post for HMB}.  

I know in the blogging world you need to have thick skin, but it's something I clearly need to work on.  I generally am able to stay strong in my opinions and what I put out there.  It's just frustrating when your point is totally misheard.  If you want some entertainment, feel free to read the comments on the HMB Facebook page


And onto my Five on Friday!  I'm just listing five things I'm looking forward to this weekend since I already talked your ear off ::

1 - Date Night with my husband Saturday night...hello child free meal!
2 - Couch time this evening and some relaxation
3 - Pulling together Jack's invites for his 2nd birthday party...Oh Two-dles, it's Mickey themed!
4 - Making Jason a homemade birthday cake {his birthday is Sunday}.  I think I'm going to try this recipe since he LOVES anything banana. 
5 - Starting The Girl on the Train.  I've heard it's awesome.  Anyone read it yet?

I hope you have an awesome weekend!  Anything fun planned?



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  1. It's crazy how defensive and emotion people get about baby registries!!! I agree about not putting the nursing stuff on it too, (I'm a huge supporter of nursing moms and nursed O for a year) but really just because you never know what you'll need or how the process will go for you. Why register for a pump if you'll never need one? I believe we totally over register and end up with all sort of stuff we don't actually *need* and we're doing new moms a huge disservice in convincing them they need this and that and the other thing. Anyway, this comment has gone on way longer than I intended. Guess I do have some string feelings about registries too.

  2. No worries Chelsea! People obviously didn't read your clearly written opinions and prematurely had to give their two incorrect cents!

  3. Girl on the Train is pretty good!!

  4. What in the world? I will never understand why people start mommy wars over the simplest and non-controversial things! I mean, really?! I thought the post was harmless and I completely agree with you about nursing items! You have no idea what you'll really need until the baby is here. Only thing I registered for was a pump (this when I was pregnant with Kennedy and it wasn't covered by insurance).

  5. I keep hearing Girl on a Train is good. Let me know! Also {hair flip} lol

  6. Umm, for real. Why do people have to be so rude and point fingers. These were just suggestions that you came up from your experience. Do people forget that? Sorry you had a bad day yesterday, my dear. I do hope today was better! And I can't wait to hear about where you go for dinner. HBD to your hubby!

  7. I enjoyed reading your post! Too bad people can't handle themselves as far as chiming in on their opinions... Don't let it discourage you, you are a great source of info for all us mommies in the blogosphere and beyond!

  8. AH! I am going to go read comments in a second, but I am totally on team Chelsea. I am major breastfeeding advocate - have nursed all three of mine, one til 15 months, one til 10 and the other I am still nursing (13 months). That said, I dont need all sorts of people talking about my nipples much less buying me stuff for them. I am proud of those who nurse, support those who want to breast feed in public, but am happy to purchase my own supplies. To each their own!



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