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Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend come and gone. 

On Friday night we ordered in and watched Mockingjay after putting Jack to bed.   It was good, but maybe a little boring.  It could be that I was just super tired or a little over the Hunger Games. 

On Saturday we woke up with no plans and toyed with the idea of taking Jack to the Houston Rodeo, but the thought of the crowds did me in so we opted for the Children's Museum of Houston!  We arrived around lunchtime and ate in the cafe - not great, but convenient.  Then it was off to see the exhibits.  Jack had such a good time.  He face lit up at just about every new thing he saw.  Even though we were there for several hours there is still much more for us to see another time. 

Jack's favorite thing to do at the museum was the Vet Clinic at Kidtropollis.  He would have stayed in there all day playing with the stuffed animals if he could.  The grocery store and sitting in cars were also big hits.

On our way home Jack passed out in the back seat so Jason ran into Amy's Ice Cream {my absolute fave} and grabbed us a sweet treat to go.  We earned it...and I was good and got the smallest serving they had {but had to add some sprinkles}!

Back at home, I ran to the grocery store while Jason and Jack napped.  I SO did not want to go, but knew I wanted to get it knocked out rather than save for Sunday. 

This was my view on Sunday morning while sipping coffee.  Not too shabby.  After we had breakfast of cinnamon toast and eggs Jason hit the books so Jack and I went for a long walk to the park.  It was slightly overcast Sunday morning which just meant we had the entire park to ourselves.  We had a blast.  

Sunday afternoon we drove across town for an Easter Mini-Session with Mommas Gonna Snap, the same photographer who did my recent headshot for Houston Moms Blog.  Jack was NOT having it.  He woke up a few minutes before we arrived after a long car nap so was still sleepy during the shoot.  The only way we could get him to be happy was to bring out the chick and bunny props.  This boy loves him some animals!

After the quick photo session we stopped at Sprouts.  Jason loves this place and I had never been since there isn't one near our house.  We picked up a new things that I can't normally find at my grocery store like Ezekiel Bread. 

And that's our day!  I did a few things around the house with Jack Sunday evening while Jason grilled us some dinner then it was off to bed to watch Walking Dead and call it a day!

I hope you had a great weekend too and are off to a good start this Monday. 

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  1. I thought Mockingjay was a boring too...glad it wasn't just me. Maybe the next one will be better, IDK. And I'm so glad to know that Jack liked the Children's Museum. We always do something as a family on Wyatt's birthday so I was thinking about taking him to Little Rock to the Children's Museum. Sounds like a good relaxing weekend to me!

  2. I LOVE AMY'S and now I want some this very second. haha! Fun weekend!



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