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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Houston Moms Blog Photoshoot & Tips for a Good Headshot

Last week all of the Houston Moms Blog contributors met at the end of the day for a little photoshoot at Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston.  Our photographer extraordinaire was Amanda from Mommas Gonna Snap Photography who is so wonderful to work with and I now consider her a friend.  I was bound and determined to get a good headshot this time as I wasn't thrilled with last year's shot...I'm blaming it on the sun being in my eyes, but I was actually just not prepared that day months ago.

This year, I am so happy with the results!  I love the colors and think everyone looks so great!  

Below is our "prop" picture.  We were told to bring an item that represented us.  I originally brought a Starbucks coffee cup since you can usually find one attached to me, but at the last minute I threw in two hairspray bottles {both for function and prop use}.  I'm happy with how this turned out and think the hairspray, dry shampoo and frantic look on my face truly captures all that is me!

And a normal one.  I'm so excited about the 8 new contributors that have joined our team.  They each bring a totally unique perspective into the mix that I feel was needed. 

 And our Executive Team below...

Thanks Amanda for all of the great shots!  It's sad that I'm actually the heaviest I've been in a long time in these pictures, yet I'm happy with the result.

So what does it take to get a headshot you are happy with?  I'm chalking this up to a few things including:

1.  A good photographer who will make suggestions on your best angles

2.  Knowing how to dress YOUR body 

This one is thanks to my mom for teaching me how to dress to hide my {many} flaws!  I know that a flowy top, skinny pants and heels - always heels - will make me look the best.  Flats make me look stumpy and fitted tops are currently showing too much of my fluffiness.  Longer tops that go past my hips and butt are the best.

3.  Knowing your good colors {and the background colors}

 At the last minute we were actually told to wear neutrals since our backdrop was the color wall, but I stuck with my gut and went bold.  Neutrals tend to wash me out and accentuate my flaws.  And you sure can find me in the crowd {oops}!

4.  Practice, practice, practice 

I will admit to practicing smiling and posing in the mirror for a few minutes prior to this shoot - ha!  It was so helpful though because I know knew to keep my arms down since I was wearing a dolman sleeve and not give my huge, full face smile since this kills my eyes and gives me a double-chin.

5.  Feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and your hair & makeup

I changed my mind several times I what I was going to wear and also ordered too much online.  The good news is that you can take back everything you don't use - it's better to have options.  I grabbed this top at Nordstrom at the last minute after my online orders didn't work out.  I was about to buy without trying on another top and the Nordstrom associate urged me to take the few extra minutes to try.  So worth it since I ended up with this rather than a hot pink number that would have wrinkled too much.

Now it's your turn!  What is your tip for taking a good picture?  


  1. You look amazing, Chelsea!! Good choice sticking with the bright color, it looks great on you!

    My tip is don't press your teeth together when you smile, leave a little space.

  2. You look incredible!! Absolutely beautiful!! Great tips when taking pictures.

  3. These photos turned out amazing! I am so bummed that I forgot to apply to be a contributor! I'll need to make a calendar reminder next time! What a talented group of ladies. xo

  4. Your photo's turned out great! I love that coloured wall in the background too! Great tips, I think you could even use these tips when going for family photos, or any photo's for that matter :)

  5. Those photos turned out great!!! And, great tips!! I could definitely use some if these in my photography!!! Thanks for sharing!!! ;)

  6. Yes, I have to say that you look absolutely gorgeous in every photo! Loved all your tips, especially the ones on dressing for your body. After you wrote that, I was like YES, flowy with skinny pants and heels IS the perfect combo. I also can't do the full on smile cause I just look all kinds of wrong, it definitely helps to practice in front of a mirror!!!

  7. You all look great! Seriously, so good! Really good tips as well! I wish my mom had taught me how to dress for my body type. Thank goodness I learned on my own.

  8. You totally rocked this shoot! Love, love, love your headshot! And these are some awesome tips. I'm definitely referencing back to this when I take some more. ;)



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