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Friday, April 10, 2015

Five on Friday :: Pregnancy #2 Announcement

Happy Friday!  Thanks for stopping by today so I can bring you up to speed on our big announcement yesterday.

Photo by Eighty Two Photography


Our estimated due date is November 5, however we will likely have a c-section at 39 weeks (what we had to do last time) which would move Coffee Bean into the October baby category on October 29.  Jason is thrilled for a Halloween baby until I pointed out that meant we would likely still be in the hospital on Halloween.


We will find out the gender and will share it with everyone.  Our last doctor didn't do an anatomy scan until 20 weeks and I'm not sure what the policy of our new doctor is, but 20 weeks would be end of June.  That sure seems like a long time!  I don't have any preference or feelings this time around.  A brother would be so cool for Jack and boy do we have lots of boy clothes that need to be worn again.  A girl would be fun and new too!  The Chinese Prediction Calendar says girl, but I'm feeling very similar to how I felt with Jack.


We do not have any names picked out yet.  Just throwing around ideas, but just like last time we are not agreeing.  I like my unusual names and Jason does not.  I think since we have a Jack - very common name - I should get my hippie name for Coffee Bean, but we will see!  For girls I'm really loving old-fashioned and British names.  For boys, I'm still standing strong with River, but my husband says over his dead body. 


I'm feeling as you'd expect : tired and nauseous.  Just like my last pregnancy, I never actually get sick.  I just feel crappy all day long.  This will also explain my lack of blogging and Instagram quietness as I feel like the walking dead right now.  If I owe you an email response, I'm very sorry!  Hoping to regain some energy in the next month!

We got some bad news at our confirmation appointment that our current doctor who we LOVE and delivered Jack is no longer delivering babies.  This is my curse as my last doctor Pre-Jack did the same thing.  Luckily, we found a new doctor just this week and are, so far, pleased with his office and doctor vibes.

I already feel huge and have even started wearing some of my old maternity clothes just out of comfort.  My regular clothes still fit me, but since I already have this stuff, why not be comfortable!  I don't necessarily look pregnant with a "bump" yet, just bloated and thicker.  I've been trying to walk/run after work, but between busy schedules, bad weather and just wanting to sleep, it hasn't been happening as often as it should.


If you followed my pregnancy last time, you know that I'm not one of those pregnant women who are thin with a "cute little" bump.  I get large, everywhere.  I'm short, short-waisted and am already 10 pounds heavier this time around than I was last time around thanks to baby weight that never got dropped.  I'll be more the Jessica Simpson pregnancy route than the Giselle pregnancy.  But I'm feeling confident since Jessica Simpson looks damn good now after two babies!

Finally, my soap box from my last pregnancy was about the rude comments that I received about my weight gain and constant comments about my appearance.  It's already begun this time around as someone already said that she knew I was pregnant weeks before I told her since she noticed a bulge in my stomach (this was at only 7 weeks people so I wasn't showing).  She said this at work in front of my male superiors.  And so it begins...

Original image by Mommas Gonna Snap Photography

Back to the important stuff - we are thrilled and excited and over the moon for little Coffee Bean to arrive.  I probably won't do the weekly bump updates this time around (the second child syndrome has already begun), but I do plan to update maybe monthly. 

Let me know if I failed to mention something - you know I'm an open book!

Hope you have a great weekend!



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  1. Congratulations! My husband and I are expecting our second on October 26! I look forward to following along with you since we our due dates are so close :)

  2. Congrats to you, girl, so exciting!! I say push for the hippie name, it's your turn right? It took us forever to figure out our second name so best-a-luck to you guys:)! -Lauren,

  3. So excited for y'all, Chelsea! Can't wait to know what you're having, and his/her name. The trick is only reading off the names that you like, then Jason won't have a choice...haha. ;) Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  4. PLEASE dont tell me people made weight comments to you??? Seriously? No. I just cant even. Whats with people?? Do they not know how to filter? And for the record, I thought you looked great with Jack and look fab now. Excited for you and your fam!

  5. People are rude and you were adorable pregnant. Super excited for you! Now I get to live vicariously through all my bloggie friends having their second babies! Yay! Congrats again!



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