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Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Recap + Lily for Target Thoughts

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours wasn't even close to being long enough, but that's usually how it is.

Friday a huge storm rolled into town so we ordered pizza and enjoyed listening to the rain.  Well, Jason and I did.  I thought our dog Tucker was going to have a heart attack.  Poor thing was so scared.  Jack slept right through it.

Saturday after the muggiest walk around the neighborhood, we planned to attend a first birthday party that I was really looking forward to so I could catchup with friends when I started feeling awful.  It was a quick stomach bug of sorts.  I'm fine now, but most of the day Saturday I couldn't move.  Thankfully, I got a nap out of the deal which is very unusual for me! 

Sunday morning (after browsing the Target website only to see everything was sold out) I really wanted to go stand in line with the crazies at Target for the Lily Pulitzer for Target launch, but we needed to go to church and I felt like a bad mom for telling Jason to get Jack ready so I could stand in line to try and score some Lily items that I don't really need.  So off to church we went followed by lunch and trying to get my fussy baby to nap.  I ran to Target in the afternoon followed by a grocery run.  {see more of my Target run below in my Lily for Target thoughts}

Once home from the grocery store madness (why do Sundays have to be so crazy at HEB), Jason, Jack and I did some outdoor chores.  Our backyard was so muddy from the storms so we basically sprayed everything down.  Jack thought this was the best thing ever, especially when we soaped down his water table.

We went to dinner and my mom's house which was a huge treat not to have to cook!  "Mimi and Papi" gave Jack his birthday presents early including a Radio Flyer trike and Kindle Fire Kids Edition.  What a spoiled boy!  

Lily for Target Thoughts

By the time I made it to our neighborhood Target around 3:00 it was as if the Lily launch had never even happened.  There was nothing left.  I was totally expecting for the "hot" items like dresses, scarves and totes to be gone, but usually there are a few stragglers left behind from these designer collaborations.  I was expecting to find a hair tie, nail polish, makeup bag and a few home items.  NADA.  The only thing I ran across was one Lily girls dress in a 5T that somehow ended up in the Plus Section....yes, I was even browsing the Plus section just to find SOMETHING!

I walked out sad and empty-handed, but was definitely not in the mood to drive around town trying other stores.  Who has time for that?  I may look at the other closest Target this afternoon, but maybe not.

After reading accounts of the insanity on other blogs and on Instagram it's just sad how the collaborations work.  Most Targets don't limit how many items you can purchase so most of these people who were lined up just bought everything they could get their hands on, not paying attention to sizes or what it was, just to sell it on Ebay and Instagram.

I refuse to buy these pieces from a second party unless it's for the listing price.  We are just encouraging these people if we do this.  Remember that even though these are Lily pieces, they are Target quality.  If you want to pay double or triple for these items, just go buy a regular Lily piece.  I've always been able to find a Target Designer Collaboration piece same day at my store.  Maybe not the hottest item, but there was always something left.  This was just crazy!

Share your Lily stories!  Did you score anything?  And if you are in the Houston area, be sure and report back to everyone which stores are sold out and what stores have stuff left.

P.S.  Another blogger mentioned that the return policy on these pieces is 14 days so you can keep checking back to your store to see if things start recirculating.  Online orders could be returned to your store too. 


  1. As one who wore Lilly before the hype - it was a bit nuts. Are they cute? Sure. Good Price? Absolutely. But I'm not paying for marked up items - that is silly. I luckily was up all night and got a handful of orders in. Thank goodness for the Lilly Groups and Twitter because they were life savers! I ended up buying multiple sizes in 6 things so I'll be passing along those items to others who didn't get a chance to purchase. I'm not making a profit - no need - and definitely not the Lilly way.

    Hope you score something! I'm going to check my store again this week so if you're looking for anything in particular - let me know!

    1. I'm so happy you got your hands on some things Jen! I was thinking of you since I know you are a Lilly fan. If you have any coverups or tunics in a large or XL I will buy from you! That's all this preggo can likely fit into this summer! Thanks!!!

  2. I got a ton of stuff, but I had to fight for it! There were about 30 people in front of me and since I ran to the racks, I was able to get my sizes but everything was gone in 5 minutes (clothes wise) I didn't even bother with the home stuff but I did get some cute clothes for sloane, the toddler clothes is to die for, just hope it fits her by this summer. I bought some extra flip flops that I plan on returning if you are interested, I got size 8 ;)

    1. I'm so happy you and Miss Sloan were able to get some things! I agree that the Toddler stuff was just too cute - if I had a girl I would likely have been standing in line too. I would love to buy the flip flops from you if you haven't returned yet - we wear the same size! I can paypal you or mail you a check. My email is chelsea.m.purifoy {at} gmail {dot} com. Thanks friend!



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