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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Because

I get to brag on my husband today for being so sweet and thoughtful! I have been super stressed lately about balancing school and work and everything else. I am so close to finishing my MBA, but it hasn't been easy. I have been getting down lately because every spare minute I have (weekends and nights when I am not in class) are spent doing either homework or housework. Okay, my complaining session is over (I really do realize how lucky I am).

Point is - this week was really getting to me with 2 midterms and a paper due. I worked all day yesterday followed by class until 10pm. I was exhausted and I came home to this:

Not only did he get me cheerful flowers to brighten me up, but arranged them himself- even picking out a periwinkle vase that goes with our wedding theme! My husband is good! I love you J!

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